Report Finds Minnesota Has the Most Obese Cats, Dogs

MOORHEAD, Minn. — According to a Banfield Pet Hospital report, Minnesota has the most obese cats and dogs.

It says 45 percent of dogs and 40 percent of cats in the state are overweight.

To lower that statistic, Wags Stay N Play Boarding and Daycare in Moorhead is promoting ways to keep animals healthy all week.

They’re giving out healthy goodie bags for the animals.

Employees say you should keep your cat or dog active and don’t serve them people food.

“We as humans like to equate feeding our dogs as love. So we’re like ‘oh we love them. We’re going to feed them.’ Which is great but essentially if we’re not being conscious about what we are feeding them and how much, we’re essentially killing them with that love,” said Sonnet Grueneich, assistant manager at Wags N Play.

It’s also important to talk to your pet’s vet in order to help them maintain a nutritious lifestyle.

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