Red River Zoo prepares animals for Winter

Most of the animals at the Zoo are from cold climate environments.

FARGO, N.D – One of the animals making the transition into winter at the Red River Zoo is the wolves.

Although they are colder climate species, they will be experiencing some changes.

The wolves will be having some increase to their diet that meets their nutritional needs.

Dry areas will be added throughout the exhibit as well so that they can have a space to rest or sleep during the harsh cold winter.

“Behavior tends to increase, they tend to be a little bit more active in the colder just like our other animals and so we thought it would be interesting at what they’re behavior would be like throughout the entire day and through the entire evening,” says Nicole Lee, Administrative Assistant at Red River Zoo.

Red River Zoo encourages visitors to come during this time of the year since the animals are the most active.

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