Bison Fans Herd Up To Tailgate Through Snowy Storms

"Of course you gotta tailgate Bison home game, it's homecoming you gotta represent," said Bison fan Mike Hennebry

FARGO, N.D. — Mike Hennebry has been tailgating for the green and gold for over a decade.

And he’s not letting the weather ruin his fun.

“Ya know there is a light crowd today obviously because of the weather but just seeing all the different rigs and just seeing all the different things people do for tailgating ya know my grill it’s just fun,” Hennebry said.

That grill he’s talking about is a Camp Chef grill with a custom cart that Mike and a buddy of his built to show off their Bison pride.

“I’ve got a menu on the other side with all the other Missouri Valley Teams kind of like a menu theme for the Missouri Valley mascots ya on a nice day I get a big crowd of people come by all the time they stand out in front of it take pictures together,” Hennebry said.

A tailgate grill out is only as good as the person behind the grill.

Travis Leech, has been cooking with Mike and the group for a long time now.

“The patriarch of the group started it ya know back in the ’80s and about 12 years ago asked to show up, and I haven’t left,” Bison fan Travis Leech said.

Travis a former cook himself says even on slower days they still go through a lot of meat.

“About 10 pounds of ground beef doing burgers, 3 packets of biscuits, a pack of bacon, a gallon of gravy,” Leech said.

Mike says Bison fans shouldn’t stray away from the herd on cold days like these.

“Ya know come on out there’s a lot of tailgaters here there’s not a big crowd they will welcome ya there is lots of food so just come out and enjoy it,” Hennebry said.

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