LIVE: A Silent Killer Lurking in Your Yard

They're creeping ever closer... right up from under the ground. It's National Mushroom Day.

By now, you’ve probably spotted them.

Their pale heads emerge from the soggy soil, first one, then a handful.

Underground, there’s an entire network of them… and with every rain, they multiply.

A silent march of mushrooms is on its way right to your very doorstep, fed and nurtured by our wicked wet weather this fall.

They’re invading our backyards, parks and recreational areas, borne on the wind by spores and under the ground by their mycelium, feeding on decaying matter in our environment.

Sound gross? Sound creepy?

How about the fact some of them are also highly poisonous? And to the untrained eye, virtually indistinguishable from edible ones?

Tuesday, October 15th is National Mushroom Day, and it’s high time you learned about mushrooms.

NDSU Assistant Professor Esther McGill, from the Department of Plant Sciences, joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in studio for a Ghoul Morning Halloween segment to talk about these deadly and sometimes delicious surprises in the October landscape.

Watch the video to find out what her safety recommendations are when it comes to the marvelous, mysterious mushroom.


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