Sanford Opens a New Innovative Unit At Their Medical Center

This unit is a first for Sanford nationwide

FARGO, N.D.- Due to the population growth in the Fargo–Moorhead area, the hospital has seen an increase in patients in the last couple of years.

They will be using the new unit to trial new workflows, new staffing ratios, making patient care more efficient, and making things easier for nurses.

“The ideas can come from everywhere, so they can come from anywhere across the Sanford footprint, or from our everyday staff that work on the floor. And we will try those new ideas here and if they go good, then we can into the other areas of the Hospital,” says Casey Riedberger, Nurse Manager at Sanford.

Some of the innovations are a huddle board, which will help to get everyone engaged and on the same page.

They’ve also added security with biometric access to cabinets for medication and hand sanitizer records use to get data on hand hygiene.

“We really want to find tune here on 8A, and get this process hammered out before we roll them out, and do it in a well– thought matter,” says Meredith Bell,  the Improvement Advisor at Sanford.

The innovation unit is part of the 18–bed wing that just opened on the eighth floor at Sanford.

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