Fargo Helps Jamestown’s Fall Flood Fight With Free Sandbags

Volunteers will begin making sandbag levees Friday
Courtesy: Darrell Hournbuckle

JAMESTOWN, N.D. — Jamestown is getting some help from Fargo to fight rising floodwaters.

The city is working with the Army Corps of Engineers in evaluating releases from the Pipestem and Jamestown Reservoirs.

Both dams are feet above the base of the flood control zone, and rising.

Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney says Fargo is sending 40,000 sandbags from its stockpile of 400,000 to Jamestown.

“The inflows coming into the reservoirs are pretty high and they are going to start releasing at some pretty high levels so precaution they want to make sure the property below the reservoir is protected so they are going to need to do some sandbagging,” said Fargo Emergency Manager Leon Schlafmann.

Volunteers will begin making sandbag levees tomorrow with the hopes of being finished by Tuesday.

Jamestown plans to place about 65,000 sandbags to protect a couple of dozen homes.

Volunteers are asked to show up at Jamestown Civic Center parking lot tomorrow morning at 9:30 to help sandbag.

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