People Pack Into Scheels Arena For Fargo Ice Fishing Show

The Show Offered Seminars, Kids Games And Other Activities

FARGO, N.D. — Shoppers, vendors and families are packing into Scheels Arena to catch up on the latest gear and pick up some new tricks before they hit the ice this season.

“The latest and greatest products services like guides hotels, resorts, lots of activities we got Santa Claus here it’s been a really fun event.”

Organizers of the show say its a great way to introduce younger kids into the sport.

“Today it was more of a kid-friendly they have seminars kids and have kids games upstairs it’s great to see the younger youth and bring their wives and have a day out. ”

While it may be fun, it’s not all games.
If you’re going out onto the ice, you need to be smart.

“That’s crucial. We did have somebody last week that we heard went through. You have to be very careful. There really is no such thing as safe ice and that’s one of the things that all these vendors and everybody talks about. You gotta be smart. The cold weather is coming; it will freeze, don’t push it.”

The North Dakota Game & Fish Department recommends on its website that the general rule of thumb is if the ice is only two inches, stay off the ice. If it’s four inches, it’s good to walk and it takes between eight to 12 inches before even thinking about bringing a car or a small pickup out there.

“They also have ice picks and cleats. The cleats are so you don’t slip and fall and break your arm. We don’t have a lot of snow and ice on the ground right now so it’s still pretty slick. They also have ice picks so if you go down you can grab those picks and work your way back up outta that ice which is a great safety feature.”

So before taking the first step, make sure your stepping onto thick ice.

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