State Patrol Warns Drivers To Stay Off Snow Covered Roads

Officers are saying you need to think twice before heading out on the roads.

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Blistering winds and idle cars burying under inches and inches of snow lined the streets as the valley and across the states of Minnesota and North Dakota got rocked with a massive blizzard.

Due to the weather causing roads to become dangerous. Travel advisories have been placed across the region.

Officers are saying you need to think twice before heading out on the roads.

“Good common sense, stay at home in Fargo and just wait, wait for things to just settle down. Wait for the roads to get clear,” Minnesota State Patrol Jesse Grabow Said.

Grabow says officers have had their hands busy working to help people who are out on the roads.

“Today it’s been steady as the calls come in from anything from passenger vehicles, to semi’s we are seeing right now it’s just one of those things doesn’t have to happen if people pay attention and listen and follow the no travel advisories,” Grabow said.

But for people who are caught in the storm on the highway, the patrol says to remain seated in your vehicle for safety.

“Have a phone call for help, have warm gear in your vehicle that’s a number of things I see people are not dressed they are not prepared properly for this weather when it comes to that stay with the vehicles stay warm, make sure you have plenty of fuel before traveling, just stay with the vehicle, let folks know where your traveling,” Grabow said.

Grabow says it’s important to keep up with updates on road conditions so you can be better prepared.

“Take note where these advisories are at and it’s really not about putting your personal schedule ahead of safety it should never be the issue safety first,” Grabow said.

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