Wake Up and Smell the Beer!

Fargo Brewing Company has a new coffee blend beer for you to get a refreshed start to the New Year.

FARGO, ND – The brewery partnered with Stumbeano’s Coffee Bar, a local coffee bar in Fargo, to bring out their new Morning Grind Coffee Pilsner.

The beer is a blend of light German Pilsner and espresso coffee beans.

The beer is available for purchase today, and is part of a seasonal tradition that dates back 5 years.

“It’s actually a really approachable beer. It helps if you do like coffee because there’s that coffee roast flavor with it, but it is a nice, light, German Pilsner to begin with. So it really comes across smooth and easy drinking but then a little bit of that coffee roast at the end of it” said Jared Hardy, co-founder of the Fargo Brewing Company.

The tradition started nearly five years ago as a tribute to service industry workers coming off of New Year’s Eve shifts. It is followed up with a catered brunch at the Fargo Brewing Company.

Tickets to the next brunch can be purchased next December.

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