NDSU Football Reacts to Eighth FCS Championship

Bison react to winning FCS Championship

FRISCO, TX — Receiver Phoenix Sproles: “It hit a little harder being best friends with trey and seeing all the success he’s having on and off the field. I love him and I can’t even describe right now, I don’t know its good its good. I can’t talk right now.”

Quarterback Trey Lance: Its the expectation you know when you sign at North Dakota State. Just playing for the seniors this year and today especially, that was the biggest thing. I’m just super proud of my guys. Shoutout to Bison nation and all of those who came before us.”

Head Coach Matt Entz: “We did some things a little bit differently. We had the fake field goal that went for a touchdown. We had a huge pick, we had some explosive plays. That’s where I think we had a chance and wanted is we probably won the explosive play battle during the course of the game. Trey (Lance) had some big plans we had some big plays then at the end the defense came up big time for us and what can you say about (James Hendricks) Jimmy football. The guy knows football, he understands how to play. They had that pick route on him a couple times earlier. He did a great job playing levels and going over the top of it and the rest is history.”

Sfaety James Hendricks: “You can’t put it into words. The way it ended, the way the game went and I’m just so happy for the seniors and for this team just ending it the right way. However many victories we have in row is incredible but so much work went into it and so many special people have been involved. I’m just so excited and its a surreal moment it really is.”

Safety Michael Tutsie: “16 and 0 season and just after everything we went through with adversity this season with coaches leaving and a lot of people not thinking we’d be here or be undefeated it means everything just to be able to finish it off.”

Defensive End Derrek Tuskza: “Its been an awesome year getting to know the new coaches. Everybody buying in and just putting in the work every single day. Just a perfect way to finish off the season.”

Running Back Kobe Johnson” “A lot of people said it was going to be a rebuilding year. A young quarterback, first year head coach, a lot of young guys. We lost a lot of seniors last year and for us to come out here today and do what we did its a big step and it shows for years to come we’ll be really good.”

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