Fargo’s Rocket Dogs allows dogs to swim all year long

FARGO, N.D. – It can be difficult to keep your dogs happy and healthy in the winter, but there’s a new facility designed to do just that.

At the Rocket Dogs K9 Wellness Center, the excitement usually begins with a cautious leap and ends with a splash.

“The clear water, to dogs, It’s different from lake water. This isn’t the same as being at the lake. This is their backyard play. They get to come in here and have a good time and let loose,” said Jasmyn Hatlestad, the assistant manager at Rocket Dogs.

Julie Saatoff started the aquatics and wellness center to help provide stress relief and therapy for dogs during the tough winter months.

Her inspiration came after watching her sons dogs jump competitively in Bismarck.

“Everybody there, their dogs were so stiff and tired the second day, because they hadn’t jumped in months. All I could hear walking around was ‘I wish somebody would put in an indoor pool somewhere so we can jump all season,'” said Julie Saatoff, the owner of Rocket Dogs.

The center has a state of the art jet therapy pool to help relieve pain, stress and muscle fatigue.

“To watch these dogs with hip displatia or who have had surgery go in there in that nice warm water, and I’ll hold them and watch them swim as I turn the current up. They practically smile, it’s so fun to see the happiness that this water brings them, it’s amazing,” said Julie.

Jasmyn Hatlestad has five Huskies. They’re part of her mush team. She’s excited to finally get one of her dogs in the therapy pool.

“I have a kiddo that has Arthritis in her back legs, so it’ll be awesome to use that for her, let her joints loosen up, and then we can take her on the sled again,” said Jasmyn.

Julie says that besides stress relief, the pools and water have amazing health benefits.

“It’s great cardiovascular exercise, it reduces pain, it has a quicker healing time. The exercise has weight managment, it’s good for the whole body,” said Julie.

So, if you’re looking to keep your dogs active this winter, or looking for a place to help them with recovery, take a leap of faith with Rocket Dogs and be ready for the splash.

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