Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre Moves To Temporary Location

The theatre was deemed dangerous to be in and they were forced to leave.

FARGO, N.D. – “It was about a month ago that we heard cracking in the building. We brought in a construction person and a constructional engineer and they made the determination that it wasn’t safe to have people in the building,” says Eloise Breikjern, the FMCT Executive Director.

Faculty and staff had to quickly evacuate the building and the company is no longer able to hold productions there.

“What we have found out in the last 30 days is that it’s a structural issue of the supports holding up the roof. And it needs replacement, the roof along with the structures. Possibly the catwalks, I’m not sure about that yet,” she says.

In the meantime, the community has made a place in Studio 6, a building the company uses for classes.

“Now we are looking for additional space where we can move our administrative staff and our technical team. We will continue to do all of our programming, It will be around different spots in the community and all of our education classes will take place here at Studio 6,” she adds

While they don’t know for how long, the company says this is only temporary.

“At this time we are still unable to get into the building. The thing we do know, is that the building will not be torn down,” Breikjern says.

For the members of the theatre, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions.

“This has been very emotional for everyone involved. It’s also been very difficult because all those things that you have in your office that you use on a daily basis, suddenly you don’t have those,” Breikjern adds.

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