Veterans Organization Makes A Change On NDSU Campus

The organization has 35 members and is looking for other veterans and active duty to join.

FARGO, N.D.- Over 200 student-led organizations gathered at the Great Plains Ballroom to showcase what they’re all about.

“They’re so many ways to get involved. It’s a great way to make friends, make connections, and finding added purpose and learn outside of the classroom. Because that’s why we’re all here,” says Lucas Simmer, Executive Commissioner, Student Organizations.

One student-led organization trying to make a change in campus is the Bison Student Veterans.

“We started November of 2018, we saw that there was an issue in the way that there were no organizations on campus for veterans and military. Myself, being a Marine, deployment of 04-06, found other fellow students with the same kind of background from National Guard to Air Force, the Army, and we decided to find out how to get organizations started to proactively try to get a resource center on campus,” says Mikhail Wicker , President, Bison Student Veterans.

They want to provide resources to veterans so they can thrive.

“General networking, education, help to try and figure out tuition, benefits, and even try and find resources at the VA,” says Wicker.

For them, it’s important for Veterans to know that they have a space where they belong.

“It’s important in general to have these kinds of organizations do it. The fact that anyone that serves, no matter if it’s for a year, a couple of months, decades, you develop a form of networking, of brotherhood, or community if you would. And then, when you get discharged afterwards, you have the sense of no longer having that belonging. Well, that belonging is key to any veteran, military success and education,” says Wicker.

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