Republican Candidate Dave Hughes Meets With Supporters In Moorhead

Hughes, who is running to represent Minnesota's 7th Congressional District, hosted a meet and greet to discuss plans if elected

MOORHEAD, Minn.- Hughes spoke about issues like immigration, health-care and the 2nd amendment.

He says what makes him stand out from other candidates is having served in the Air Force for 21 years, and having been able to work with people from other countries.

Hughes also spoke about the need to have more open foreign markets.

“If I’m elected for U.S representative, I’ll be working with the President, with Secretary of Agriculture Purdue, and with Ambassador Lighthizer in the U.S trade representative office to open more foreign markets for agricultural products,” says Republican Candidate Hughes.

After meeting with supporters in Moorhead, Hughes headed to his next meet and greet in Breckenridge.

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