Red River Valley Hosts Winter Market At Moorhead Mall

This is their second year hosting the event at the Moorhead Mall.

MOORHEAD, Minn.- The indoor event is celebrating its second Winter Market at the Moorhead Mall and it featured clothing, accessories and baked goods, as well as preserved items and root vegetables.

The event also had about 25 vendors, live music and a play area for kids.

The organizers of the event say that it’s nice to have an event in the middle of winter where people can gather.

“The Red River market has played a really important role for people to be able to get together, celebrate local food and see neighbors. Especially this time of year where it’s sometimes harder to get out of the house perhaps or find events when you can run into people spontaneously,” says Joe Burgum, the Co-Founder of the Red River Farmers Market.

With Giving Hearts day coming up next week, the event also had 15 local charities sharing their mission.

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