LIVE: All Abuzz About Beekeeping

It could be a beee-eautiful way to start the spring season.

We hear a lot about bees disappearing from the landscape, and this morning, there’s a couple in our region who’s trying to help you bring some back.

Lisa and Rich Burns are the pair behind FM Red River Valley Beekeepers, and they’re here to teach you how to get started keeping your own bees.

The Burnses got their hands on a hive of their own a few years ago after Lisa took a tour of her uncle’s beekeeping operation and became fascinated by it.

Rich had already spent time working with bees commercially, and the pair decided to invest in a bee colony of their own.

It’s been a pretty sweet experience since then, since, as Rich says, “the bees do all of the work.”

The Burnses visited the Morning Show for a live in-studio interview with Emily Welker to talk about their upcoming training session for new beekeepers and their journey from new-bees to experienced bee wranglers — and how you can do it, too.

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