City of Moorhead Seeks Input on Phase 2 of Downtown Master Plan

MOORHEAD, Minn.–The City of Moorhead is seeking feedback for phase two of the Downtown Master Plan.

The City says the community helped create a vision for phase one, and now they need help discovering how to turn that vision into reality.

The feedback collected will be used to create specific design strategies for private and public properties.

The City has created a story map with pictures and plans for the layout of downtown. The site allows the community to interact with the page and leave feedback.

Specific questions the city wants answered include:

  • What types of activities and programs will make the area an epicenter for social interaction?
  • What makes a public space good for social interaction?
  • How can the streets be constructed to become comfortable for walking? What makes you comfortable walking in busy areas?

The story map can he accessed here.

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