Generosity of donors sweeps Red River Valley for Giving Hearts Day

The millions of dollars raised are being put right back into communities across the region

RED RIVER VALLEY — Raising a child who has mobility challenges can be tough.

“All too often, you kind of get discounted and put off to the side when you’re in a wheelchair. You have a mobility challenge, you can’t, you don’t know where you fit in and that’s where Hope comes in. You know, we welcome everybody into our organization and allow them to live and dream,” says Adair Grommesh of Hope, Inc.

Grommesh and her husband Bill started Hope, Inc. in 2005, when they realized the lack of recreational activities their son Garrett could participate in.

“It’s not special or nice that they have these activities. It’s their right to have these activities. You know, if an able-bodied kid can play basketball, why can’t a kid in a wheelchair?”

Fifteen years later, Hope, Inc. serves more than 150 families and hosts activities from dances and fashion shows to track meets and sled hockey for those with mobility challenges.

It’s these kinds of charities that Giving Hearts Day is all about.

Nearly 500 nonprofits across North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota are fundraising on the biggest giving day in the region.

“Giving Hearts Day really brings out the best in each and every one of us to help our neighbor. I mean, at the end of the day, we’re helping someone when we give to a charity and it really provides purpose and meaning in our lives as givers, as well as these charities, you know, it just fills their sails when people are giving to their charities, and then they can do way more good,” says Dakota Medical Foundation Executive Director Pat Traynor.

The money isn’t just coming in locally.

Online donations are rolling in from across the nation from those who have ties to the area.

“They have to boost up the servers because there’s so many, there’s thousands of gifts being made each minute and each hour, you know, just tons and tons of gifts. So it’s incredible. We’re having the greatest day ever for sure,” says Traynor.

They hope it’s a day that’ll kick off a successful rest of the year for the charities to continue empowering those in their communities.

You can donate until midnight at

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