Generosity of donors sweeps Red River Valley for Giving Hearts Day

The millions of dollars raised are being put right back into communities across the region

RED RIVER VALLEY — Raising a child who has mobility challenges can be tough. “All too often, you kind of get discounted and put off to the side when you’re in a wheelchair. You have a mobility challenge, you can’t, you don’t know where you fit in and that’s where Hope comes in. You know, we welcome everybody into our…

Manslaughter Prisoner Walks Away From Centre, Inc. in Fargo, Considered A Public Safety Risk

29-year-old Sean Schroeder of Dunseith pled guilty in February 2018 to voluntary manslaughter for causing the death of a person in Dunseith in May 2017

FARGO, N.D. — A manslaughter prisoner has walked away from Centre, Inc. in Fargo where he was on a court-ordered furlough from federal custody. Fargo Police and the U.S. Marshals Service say 29-year-old Sean Schroeder of Dunseith absconded and did not have immediate access to a vehicle when he left the rehabilitation center in north Fargo on Wednesday. He is…