Hope, Inc. provides bike rentals for people of all physical abilities

The bike lending system makes it easier for families to get out and about amid the pandemic

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Those at Hope, Inc. are no strangers to obstacles.

“When we started this organization, we had no money to run it,” says Executive Director Adair Grommesh.

Fifteen years later, the adaptive sports and rec organization is facing a different set of challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We had to cancel a couple of sled hockey tournaments,” says Recreation and Development Director Bill Grommesh. “We missed out on a national sled hockey tournament, missed out on basketball and soccer this spring.”

But with new challenges come creative solutions.

“Well, we have all these bikes, and most families don’t have the $2,500 to buy a bike,” says Adair. “So, we have a bike-lending center, so people are checking out bikes to get out and about.”

Just like most five-year-olds, getting out and about is what Wyatt Burggraff enjoys doing most.

“He likes to play in the sand, he likes to play in the grass,” says Wyatt’s father, Eric Burggraff. “He likes to go on bike rides.”

Those bike rides are now an everyday routine, thanks to Hope, Inc.’s bike rental system.

Eric says, “I can’t tell you how freeing it is as a parent to have him be able to do that on his own and just the excitement that he has in his face.”

The hand-cycle makes biking for Wyatt, who has Spina Bifida and is in a wheelchair most of the time, a possibility.

“This bike has a hand crank, he can crank it himself, and the normalcy of it is just fantastic for him.”

Although this is a chance to get more families outdoors, those at Hope, Inc. say it’s also a way to connect with those who are often isolated because of their physical limitations.

“We always say that Hope is a family but it really is, and everybody relies on each other to pick them up, and we’re doing the best job we can to make sure that happens,” says Bill.

Bikes are available to rent for $15 per week.

If interested, contact adair@hopeinc.org.

You can also visit the Hope, Inc. Facebook page by clicking here: Hope, Inc. Facebook.

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