CDC Releases Updated Information On The Coronavirus

We spoke to Clay and Cass County about what the new information released by the agency said.

CASS AND CLAY COUNTIES.- As of February 24th, a total of 1,336 CDC staff members have been involved in the Coronavirus response.

“With Coronavirus is evolving very rapidly, everyday things are changing even by the hour, right now the CDC said, or yesterday said, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when the Coronavirus will come to the United States, so they’re starting to do their planning and work with state, local, governments to prepare themselves,” Brenton Nesemeier a Regional Field Epidemiologist from the  North Dakota Public Health says.

Clay County says according to the CDC, there are no restrictions for travelling within the country, but has sent out travel notices for several others.

“They’re still saying nonessential travel to China right now and South Korea,” Cheryl Sapp, the Disease Prevention Coordinator at Clay County Public Health says.

They have also issued a travel notice two for Japan, Italy and Iran, and a travel one notice one for Hong Kong.

Precautions range from daily hand washing to avoiding travel to the country.

Both Cass and Clay Counties are in contact with the CDC to continue and monitor people arriving from China.

“We have worked closely with our community partners, with pandemic planning, as well as flood planning, so that actually helps if it gets to the point where we have to take a look at a pandemic,” she says says.

They add that if you have to travel, to keep these things in mind.

“Staying away from sick persons, and then, you know, if you’re travelling to these regions where coronavirus is actively circulating maybe consider avoiding large gatherings of people,” Nesemeier says.

There are no cases of the Coronavirus in Clay County and eight people are being monitored for symptoms in North Dakota.

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