No Concern for Red River Valley Admist Stock Market Roller Coaster

FARGO, N.D. – The stock market roller coaster continues after coming off it’s worst week since 2008.

Speculation about the economic fallout from the Coronavirus led to an extended and punishing sell off by uneasy investors.

It’s expected that industries that rely on tourism, such as the airline and hotel industries, will continue to suffer.

People with Legacy Wealth Management in Fargo say that there is no reason to sound the alarm bells just yet.

“If an investor is a long term investor, they’re gonna be just fine. If they are a short term investor, they are probably going to see some problems, because the market, if nothing else, is very volatile. We don’t suggest any large term shifts in their overall investment profile,” said Paul Meyers, the President of Legacy Wealth Management.

Stocks rebounded sharply today with the Dow logging its biggest point gain in history closing up 12200 points.


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