NDSU Study Abroad Programs in Italy & South Korea Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

The Study Abroad Program at NDSU is still monitoring all the countries where there are still students studying abroad.

FARGO, N.D.- The study abroad program at NDSU is taking precautions following the Coronavirus outbreak in several countries.

“We do not have any programs in China currently, but we have ended programs in Italy and South Korea,” says Director at the International Student and Study Abroad Services Alicia Kauffman.

The university has around 50 students studying abroad right now and continue to monitor the latest updates from the CDC.

“Students can reach out if they’re concerned at all about the future. And I know that’s really difficult because we don’t know what’s going to happen as some places seem to have an increase of cases, but others aren’t. We just let them know we’re here to help in any way we can,” Kauffman says.

On campus, students are taking extra precautions in view of the Coronavirus.

“I attach hand sanitizer to almost every part of me, my car, on my desk at work, on my backpack,” Mahli Wold, a Senior at NDSU says.

She says the outbreak has made her more hesitant to travel to places she doesn’t know very well.

“If I’m not familiar with the place I’ll definitely not go there. But, if I have family and I’m safe to go back home then I probably will, but I probably wouldn’t travel to far outside of home,” Wold adds.

The university is also taking a look at international students going back to their home countries and which restrictions might be in place if they return to North Dakota.

“We’d have to consult with some of our immigration colleagues, and agencies and professional organizations to make sure what’s coming in terms of are there going to be exceptions to remain longer, for a few months, depending on where they are at in their program of study,” Kauffman says.

Italy and South Korea are level 3 travel advisory under the CDC, meaning you should reconsider travelling to those countries.

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