Improved Spring Flooding Forecast Means Changes In Flood Fight Planning

Fargo Is Preparing For Lower Crest, Fewer Sandbags Needed
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FARGO, N.D. — National Weather Service slightly lowering its spring flooding forecast in the southern Red River Valley.

Fargo and Cass County engineers are adjusting their plans and that includes lowering the number of sandbags needed.

The flood fighting strategy has gone from preparing for a 39-foot crest to a 38-foot crest.

The city will now require only 100,000 sandbags and the county 125,000.

That is down from the initial goal of 400,000 sandbags in total.

Sandbag Central will shut down after reaching 225,000 sandbags on Friday.

Cass County Engineer Jason Benson says he is encouraged by the lower crest predicted on the Red River, but he still expects serious flooding in the Kindred and Harwood areas caused by the Maple and Sheyenne Rivers.

He says overland flooding remains a large threat.

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