LIVE: Countdown To Pi Day Celebration

Inspire Lab Celebrating Pi Day With Free Pie, Activities This Saturday


Tomorrow is March 14th. 3.14 is the number Pi. And there’s a timely celebration of math and desert.

12-year-old Adam Kramer can recite Pi from memory to 250 decimal points.

Watch his impressive skill from today’s morning show.

Saturday’s Pi Day celebration at Inspire Lab in Moorhead will have free pie and coffee, art, entertainment, STEM activities, and a pie-baking contest.
To help people trying to protect themselves from coronavirus, they’re making glow-in-the-dark lotion to show people areas they miss when they wash their hands.

Carrie Leopold with Inspire Lab explains, “Put that on your hands, and we would encourage not just kids to do that, but adults as well, and then go into the bathroom and wash your hands and then come and check it under black light. There’s a lot of areas that people tend to miss.”

The celebration is free from 10 to noon on Saturday. Click here for more information.

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