Pi Day

LIVE: Countdown To Pi Day Celebration

Inspire Lab Celebrating Pi Day With Free Pie, Activities This Saturday

  Tomorrow is March 14th. 3.14 is the number Pi. And there’s a timely celebration of math and desert. 12-year-old Adam Kramer can recite Pi from memory to 250 decimal points. Watch his impressive skill from today’s morning show. Saturday’s Pi Day celebration at Inspire Lab in Moorhead will have free pie and coffee, art, entertainment, STEM activities, and a…

Nichole’s Fine Pastry Will Be Celebrating Pi Day With Special

They will have seven flavors of pie

FARGO, N.D. —¬†March 14 is Pi Day, since it matches the mathematical constant of 3.14. One local shop will be celebrating with some tasty treats, as it’s become tradition to eat pie on Pi Day. Nichole’s Fine Pastry and Caf√© and will be serving seven flavors of pie, including chocolate cream, lemon meringue, banana cream, apple streusel, and key lime….

Pi Day: Explained!

Is Pi Day about pie or is it based on math?

Meteorologist Scott Sincoff takes a look at what Pi really is and why we celebrate it on March 14th: Categories: Morning – Features, Weather Blog, Weather Notes Tags: March 14th, Math, Pi, Pi Day, Pie, science, weather

LIVE: Pi Day With The Arts Partnership

Celebrate Pi With Pie This March 14th

March 14th is Pi Day, celebrating the number with infinite decimals with infinite deliciousness. Dayna Del Val, executive director of The Arts Partnership, joins us on KVRR Local News with a scrumptious apple pie. The Arts Partnership is hosting a Pi Day celebration with an event showing off a new arts incubator down. The group is also showing off a…