MSUM Cancels Graduation Ceremony, Students Petition Postponement

The Petition Has Over Nine Hundred Signatures And Contiunes To Grow

MOORHEAD, Minn. –After a meeting with all the university presidents and the chancellor of the Minnesota State College System, students got an email saying their spring graduation ceremony is canceled.

The university says the decision was made in the best interest of the safety of both students and staff.

“I think it’s important for students to know that we do not take the decision to cancel commencement lightly,” Chief Marketing Officer For MSUM Kirsten Jensen said.

Students responded to the sudden announcement by creating a online petition that has over nine hundred signatures and continues to grow.

The petition says, “We understand that public health is the highest priority currently but ask that our ceremony be postponed rather than cancelled.

Our final semester is already being cut short and we ask that we have one final moment with our peers and professors who have helped shape us to who we are today.”

The students I spoke to say it’s a hard decision, but they understand why it was made.

“If I get infected and I infect my grandparents, if they would come up and any other parents I don’t want to be that kind of burden on people,” MSUM Student, Luke Sanderson said.

Some say they would be open to finding a way to continue graduation in some form or another even if it’s delayed to keep people safe.

“It’s really this large moment in your life this milestone you work really hard for, so I think while we deal with these issues I think we still need to be considerate in what we can do to make sure we have this ceremony at some point,” Hagen said.

Hagen says the Student Senate is looking to get in contact with the people involved in the petition and other students to help find possible alternatives.

Hagen says with students already facing a mountain of new challenges with the switch to online learning and unpredictable changes in the community to stay positive and stay focused.

“For students just keep an eye out be aware and just do the best you can because we are in a really really odd time right now,” Hagen said.



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