Social Distancing: Finding Waldo And Feeding The Piggies

Animals Help When You're Self-Isolating


We’re all trying to manage even though your lives are all different than they were a couple weeks ago. So we’ve been sharing what you’ve been doing while you’re social distancing, and I’ve been sharing how things are different for me.

A couple days ago I helped out and babysat my Little through Big Brothers/Big Sisters since he’s out of school and his mom had to work.

We played with action figures, he showed me wresting moves by beating up a poor stuffed frog, and I helped him find Waldo on his wall calendar. It was a lot of fun, and we didn’t really do anything special. We just hung out.

A lot of you guys have been sharing photos of your pets that are keeping you company during social distancing. Here’s one way to get your mind off of things.
My friend Jessica has an animal sanctuary on her farm outside New Rockford, North Dakota. Here’s video of her feeding her piggies.

It seems like a social distancing dream: You’re out in the country miles from any town. You have tons of animals, which can’t spread the virus, and they make cute sounds and faces when they’re eating. Frankly, I’m jealous.

Keep letting us know how you’re practicing social distancing! Message or comment on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll share what you guys are doing and i’ll keep sharing the changes I’m making. Maybe we can have a little fun while we’re doing it.

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