Coronavirus Not Stopping Some From Getting Their Sweat On

Many are finding other alternatives to stay active during quarantine

FARGO, N.D.- This is the new normal for those trying to stay active while under quarantine.

“Our body is meant to be moved, if we were meant to be sedentary, we wouldn’t have joints to be able to walk. So, let’s make sure that we’re improving our temple while we can. We don’t know how long this quarantine is going to last, let’s just be honest. Hopefully on the bright side it’s short. However until then, the only thing we can do is focus on the present. What can we do today to improve our mental state of mind, to improve our physical well being, and emotional well being,” says Mariah Prussia, a personal trainer at MPX Fargo.

As gyms across the country close due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many have found innovative ways to exercise and be productive while also maintaining a little bit of sanity.

“With the online program, we’re there to correct you so it’s not a cookie cutter program, it’s about you as an individual. How can we best help you reach your needs,” she says.

Mariah Prussia from Fargo is a personal trainer who is offering virtual group and individual classes to those at home.

“These are different movements that can be done at home. Some individuals will have equipment, some won’t, but we’ll be able to cater to those individuals, no matter if they’re with or without equipment,” Prussia says.

She says even at home, you can find creative ways to exercise.

“If you have stairs, if you have any space at all, literally to move side to side there is no excuse for not being active,” she adds.

If you’d like to know more about the quarantine classes offered by Mariah, you can check out her Facebook page MPX Fitness Fargo.

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