Pet Connection Success: Simon

Simon Got The Ring The Adoption Bell This Weekend


More and more people are looking to foster or adopt animals locally as we try and protect ourselves from COVID-19 by staying home.
A silver lining for all this social distancing is that more pets are finding their homes, including this excited guy.

That’s Simon ringing the adoption bell at C.A.A.R.E. bird rescue in West Fargo. He found his forever home over the weekend.

The Blue-Fronted Amazon visited us for Pet Connection last month. He prefers men to women, so it’s good to see him going to a home with a guy.
And he loves his treats! Anything from chicken bones to eggs to traditional bird food.
And he’s so lovey-dovey he’ll even hop in the shower with you.
Here’s to you Simon. We hope you and your new owner have years of happiness together.

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