Cybersecurity Experts Warn Of Increased Coronavirus Related Phishing Attacks

FARGO, N.D. – Cyber security experts are warning people to be extra vigilant online, especially now that they are working remotely from home.

With millions of Americans working from home, it’s important to take extra steps to protect the data of yourself and your company.

Employees should make sure to avoid sharing any sensitive information over an unsecured video connection.

Employers should consider issuing work devices instead of relying on employees to use their personal devices.

Security experts are also seeing an increase in phishing attacks related to COVID-19.

“They are just starting to kick off their phishing campaigns to try and lure people in to get them thinking ‘Hey, the government is handing out free money right now.’ The biggest consideration there is to slow down a little bit,” said Sean Todd, the Director of Security for Network Center, Inc, “If I’m a user and I’m getting an email that says ‘I’m from the government and I want to give you all this money,’ Well hold up there, typically an email like that isn’t going to come from the government.”

He says that it’s important for employers to also take the extra step and consider implementing two factor authentication for accessing important data.

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