LIVE: Sandy’s Embraces Technology and Home Deliveries During Pandemic

WEST FARGO, ND – Every morning at 4 AM, Jamie Tate, a manager at Sandy’s Donuts, comes in and begins his shift by processing tons of orders that have piled up over night for delivery.

This isn’t unusual, as Sandy’s usually delivers to many businesses around the metro.

But this time the donuts aren’t going to businesses, they are going to people stuck at home due to the pandemic.

Jamie says that this is one way Sandy’s can bring a little joy to the community during this time of uncertainty.

“Bringing happiness one donut at a time. Although people are stuck at home not able to live their lives like they normally do, we can still get them their donuts,” said Jamie Tate, the Operations Manager at the West Fargo Sandy’s Donuts.

Jamie credits Sandy’s new app as one of the reasons that people are putting in more home delivery orders, as it clears some of the hurdles that existed in the past.

The app will have your donuts fresh and on the way in only a few taps of your screen.

The store says that the app has been used for more selfless purposes by many members of the community.

People are personalizing their orders on the app with notes of support, and having them delivered to healthcare workers on the front lines fighting the pandemic.

“We’re seeing a lot of that happening, which is really really good for our community with everything going on,” said Tate.

Sandy’s also donated over 100 dozen donuts to local hospitals in our area.

The family owned and operated bakery may have had to consider laying people off, as corporate accounts were no longer ordering due to the pandemic.

The community stepped up with plenty of orders however, and is helping to keep workers employed, and a staple of our community open.

“Morale is still pretty good, everybody is really careful, and the workers that are here working are just really happy to be able to get hours and to make ends meet,” said Jeff Ostlund, the Facilities and Production Manager at Sandy’s Donuts.

While the devastating effects of this pandemic are still yet to be completely seen, Sandy’s Donuts will be working hard to spread a little joy to all of us, one donut at a time.

The app is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android Devices.



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