North Dakota Museum Of Art Asking For People To Send Art Of What They Are Doing At Home

It's Called "Art In Isolation" The Point Of The Exhibit Is To Show How People Are Handling Social Distancing And The Coronavirus.
Distance Art

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — The North Dakota Museum Of Art is asking people to send in their submissions from home for a new exhibit.

It’s called “Art In Isolation” The point of the exhibit is to show how people are handling social distancing and the Coronavirus.

The Museum will print your work on copy paper and put them in one of the Museum’s galleries.

The goal is to cover a gallery wall making one large work made up of individual submissions.

Staff say they encourage everyone no matter your art level to send in your own submissions.

The deadline is April 20th and the art will be displayed staff say hopefully by the 1st of May.

“What they are creatively doing during this time of social isolation and a lot of anxiety too so how are people really redirecting that energy,” Director Of Education of  the North Dakota Museum Of Art, Matthew Anderson said.

Please Email Your Work To

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