Doctors Believe Coronavirus Will Lead Youth Towards Careers in Medicine

FARGO, N.D. – Epidemiologists think that the Coronavirus will spark an interest in many students to pursue infectious disease careers.

Dr. Paul Carson of NDSU says that the need is there in the future for doctors to specialize in learning how to combat infectious disease on the front lines.

There is also a great need for doctors who research infectious disease.

“We think and we hope that people will take an interest in how they might work in this space to prevent and manage and treat infectious diseases,” said Dr. Paul Carson, an infectious disease expert with NDSU, “When I started off in medicine 30 years ago, I was told back then that ‘you should probably pick something else, there’s probably not much of a future in it[infectious disease].’ That prediction couldn’t have been more wrong.”

Epidemiologists think that this may not be the last epidemic or pandemic that we go through, and the need will always exist for people to fight the disease on the frontlines, and in labs.

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