Social Distancing: Learning Lessons In The Dirt

Minnesota Parents Become Teachers With Distance Learning And Emily Welker's Little Girl Gets A Garden-Variety Lesson


A lot of parents are in a brave new world this week. Distance learning started Monday for Moorhead Public Schools, Wednesday for Fargo.

Local artist Su Legatt shared pics of her first day as a home school parent with her pre-k kiddo on Twitter.

Pre-K parents have flexible learning plans for their kids, so Su used art on the first day.

She says it was Wacky Watermelon Day, so her kid is working on a lovely painting of a watermelon.
Then they worked on their letters, with the help of some Hot Wheels, always a popular choice with the kids.
What better word to spell with Hot Wheels than “wheels”.

Are you helping your kids distance learn starting this week?

We would love to see how you’re doing it! I’m sure a lot of parents can use some inspiration or at least a reminder that they’re not alone as they try to be a teacher.

Message or comment on Facebook or Twitter.

We’ll share what you guys are doing and I’ll keep sharing how I’m adapting. Let’s have a little fun while we’re doing it.

Of course a parent is their kid’s first teacher. And Emily Welker is sharing a lesson she’s teaching her daughter during social distancing.

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