Pet Connection: Meet Janet

Janet Is A Pug With A Ton Of Perseverance


First, great new for our new friend Patsy. She’s a 2 1/2 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler cross with a lot of energy. Our friends at Homeward Animal Shelter were looking for a foster home for her last week.

The good news is, they found out. The better news is, she’s pending permanent adoption.
We hope everything works out for Patsy and her new potential owners.

Our local shelters are great! They’re still out there in the middle of a pandemic making sure our forgotten pets have a fighting chance.

Our friends at 4 Luv of Dog Rescue are introducing us to a girl this morning who is giving us all a much-needed lesson on perseverance.

Janet is a 9-year-old pug. She’s great with other dogs. She lives with three other dogs in her foster home.

Janet has impaired vision. She’s missing an eye, but it doesn’t seem to phase her. Emily notes that she looks kind of like a pirate.

You can find out more about giving Janet a forever home online at

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