Gov. Walz intends to make Coronavirus models he bases decisions off of public

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Gov. Tim Walz responds to concerns as to why he hasn’t made information he’s basing decisions like his stay at home order on public.

Walz says he intends to be transparent with the statistics. He stresses he needed to make difficult decisions on keeping Minnesotans safe from the Coronavirus with little data initially available.

“We were asking for something that hadn’t been created yet. There’s no joy in this, there’s only heartache and pain and these are terrible decisions. I used the best data available. If I could turn on my TV and see the destruction in Italy, the destruction in China, I didn’t need a model to tell me something needed to be done differently,” Walz said.

The governor has also signed an executive order authorizing out of state mental health providers to provide telehealth services to Minnesotans.

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