TNT Kids Fitness & Gymnastics offers virtual lessons, helping those with physical or emotional barriers

Those with the organization say these classes are a way for community members to remain connected while social distancing

FARGO, N.D. — Empty floor mats and a quiet room isn’t the usual scene at Fargo’s TNT Kid’s Fitness & Gymnastics.

But with Coronavirus concerns still in mind, it’s the gym’s new norm for a while.

“We’ve been closed for a couple weeks now, and what we really try to emphasize is since the kids couldn’t come to TNT, we brought the movement to the kids,” says TNT Programs Director Ryan Williams.

They’re doing so by providing virtual live classes for members.

“All children, all abilities can use this, and it doesn’t matter, we want to give all the information and allow them to move and be, have fun, and get a little taste of what TNT is,” says Williams.

The Fargo-based fitness facility opened more than a decade ago with the goal of providing a place for children of all abilities to get moving, including those with physical or emotional barriers.

That mission is still alive through the organization’s online lessons.

In order for the kids to get moving inside their homes, the coaches have opened up theirs.

“Innovation is one of our core values and they’ve definitely excelled at that by using their couch cushions, their couches, their tables, their chairs; whatever it may be to replicate the movements that they normally would be doing here,” says Williams.

Whether it be in-person or online, the gym’s goal remains the same.

“Just move. Let the kids move. It’s beautiful outside. Get them out, get them moving. Our mission is unlocking potential through movement, and that’s what we’re really trying to do. We’re trying to just unlock the potential through movement at their house.”

Members currently enrolled in year-round programming receive virtual live classes throughout the week.

The recreational TNT curriculum are getting private links each Wednesday, which includes access to all 10 classes being taught that week.

Anyone can sign up to start taking these classes starting May 4th.

The organization’s Facebook page also has a sampling of all of its current offerings, including movement activities for preschoolers, healthy snack recipes, occupational therapy tips addressing childhood anxiety, advanced movement ideas for outdoors, crafts and more.

Find more information on TNT’s Facebook page at:


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