Employees test positive for the coronavirus at LM Wind Power in Grand Forks

Lm Wind Power

GRAND FORKS, N.D. – LM Wind Power in Grand Forks has shut down after several employees test positive for the coronavirus.

The Department of Health has not confirmed how many workers at the plant that makes wind turbine blades have contracted the virus. However, Grand Forks County confirmed eight new cases.

LM Wind Power is closed to disinfect and clean the plant.

The employees who tested positive are in quarantine for two weeks. The Department of Health is working to find out who they have been in contact with to limit the spread.

“We are an essential service, but, obviously, we’re going to take appropriate measures to make sure that we do that as safely as possible so that we can assure that we make our number one priority of keeping our employees safe,” Tim Brown with LM Wind Power said.

The Department of Health will test workers, their family members and others who came into close contact with infected workers on Thursday.

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