Five Moorhead Police Officers Awarded Lifesaving Medals

An official ceremony recognizing the officers' efforts will be held at a later date.

MOORHEAD, Minn.–Five Moorhead Police officers were awarded Lifesaving medals on Thursday.

The officers were recognized for taking life-saving measures that made a positive impact to members of the community.

Each officer is recognized for a specific instance in which they took action to save someone’s life.

The five officers are Nick Bjorndahl, Mike Fildes, Jessica Horn, Brian Dahl and Cuyler Johnson.

Officer Bjorndahl saved a man who was not breathing and had no pulse by performing CPR for approximately two minutesĀ  on March 23.

Officer Fildes and Officer Horn performed life-saving measures on a man who was found unresponsive due to a possible cardiac arrest on March 27. The officers performed CPR and administered shocks using their Automated External Defibrillator.

Officer Dahl saved a man who was in cardiac arrest in the break room of a retail store by administering Basic Life Support measures on April 3.

Officer Johnson saved a woman experiencing a mental health crisis. Officer Johnson was traveling over the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge on Main Avenue when he observed a woman on the ledge of the bridge. As Officer Johnson approached her, she attempted to climb over the railing, but he was able to wrap his arms around her and pull her off the ledge.

Chief Shannon Monroe says, “This is extraordinary to have had this many incidents in such a short period of time. I am extremely proud of our officers in the performance of their duties during this unprecedented time. Today, we are celebrating their good work they have done in our community by recognizing them with lifesaving awards.”

An official ceremony recognizing the officers’ efforts will be held at a later date.

Full descriptions of the incidents in which the officers’ used life-saving measures can be found here.

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