Social Distancing: Supporting Your Favorite Local Businesses


Hope you had a good weekend, if you even remembered it was the weekend. The concept of days is getting a little blurred with so many people staying home.
If you did leave the house, I hope you were safe about it.

I did some grocery shopping Saturday morning. I was glad to see almost everyone at the store wearing a mask.
My DIY t-shirt mask worked like a charm.

But if you’re tired of cooking for yourself, a lot of local restaurants are still open.
Darrell from Moorhead wrote me on Facebook with a suggestion.

He thinks we should make a point to order out from a local restaurant every week to help them stay afloat.
He writes in part “This would a huge help to many struggling eating establishments in our community.”
Thanks, Darrell. It’s good to support local businesses. Even if you don’t want to order food right now, you can still buy gift cards to support them and head there when the pandemic passes.
Darrell, I took your advice and helped support one of my favorites, Junkyard Brewing in Moorhead.

I stocked up over the weekend. Hopefully this gets me through the rest of the pandemic.
They just released a double chocolate stout called Primo Fudgerino that I had to try. It’s divine.
Plus, they were very well organized for social distancing. They had signs every six feet so people could stand at a safe distance and all the employees were wearing masks.

Let us know what local businesses you’re supporting right now. Do you have any recommendations! Let us know your favorites, and why you love them so much. Send me a message on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll give them a shout out and hopefully help keep our local businesses going strong.

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