Social Distancing: Flash Mobs, NFL Draft Excitement, And Learning To Ride A Bike

Here's How We're Thriving During Social Distancing In The Valley


Families in one Fargo neighborhood know how to have some fun while social distancing.

Families in the Southgate Drive neighborhood in Fargo figured out how to pull off a flash mob while staying at least six feet away from each other. They all took turns dancing to the music. You got your costumes, you got your T-Rex family. It looks like a ton of fun and people are loving it. The YouTube video has more than six thousand views in two days.

It’s the season of growth, and you can still grow plenty even if you’re socially distancing. And Adam ran across one home where they’ll help you grow. This is sweet.
He found this outside a home near the Comstock House in Moorhead. It’s a sign saying “Seeds! We’ve planted. Take what you want.”
hat a clever way to help people start their gardens this year.
And you don’t have to go within six feet of anyone.
It looked like a pack of tomato seeds was all that was left. Hopefully the rest of the seeds there help spread a little joy this growing season.

Adam has been thankful for any and all sports news that comes out during this pandemic, since pretty much all active sports are cancelled.
So the NFL Draft feels heaven-sent.
His buddy Case here in Fargo co-hosts a popular podcast about his favorite team, the Detroit Lions, and he invited him on to talk about his favorite team, the Denver Broncos, while they picked during the draft.

He says it’s nice to get excited about sports again.
The Broncos picked Jerry Jeudy, who many people called the best Wide Receiver in a loaded draft class for the position.
Adam thinks it’s a pretty good deal getting him at pick 15.
We had Case on the show last August shortly after he got to cover Lions training camp because of his podcast. It was a cool story of a fan becoming a member of the sports media.

But when he came on apparently a moment caused a lot of commotion. People thought Adam was trying to shake his hand and that he stiffed me. In fact, it was the first thing they asked him about.

It’s hilarious what the internet will latch on to.

And we’re talking a little bit about how to keep kids moving developmentally while they can’t go to school.
To tempt Emily’s three-year-old to learn to use a real bike… not a tricycle or balance bike, the Easter Bunny brought her a bicycle this year.

Turns out practice really does make perfect.
This is her showing off her new wheels for her parents Wednesday afternoon.
They’re very excited she’s mastered the skill of riding a pedal bike but her dad and her aunt put in a lot of practice hours with her on the balance bike and the tricycle leading up to it.
Bike sales are up all across the country so maybe when we all hit the road as a family we’ll have lots of social distancing-safe company out there.

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