Social Distancing: Spay-ghetti And No Balls Lunch Goes Online

Show Off Social Distance Spaghetti To Help Spay And Neuter Local Shelter Animals


More and more businesses could be opening their doors this weekend, but it’s still a good idea to be safe and practice social distancing when you’re going out. I’ve been wearing a mask every time I have to go shopping. But you also want to have some fun with it.

Adam Kelly Mask

So my girlfriend and I got matching polka dot masks. Kinda cute, right? We wore them when we picked up groceries over the weekend. I had shown you my D-I-Y mask made with a cut up t-shirt. That worked, but frankly this is better. A friend graciously offered to make them for us since I can’t sew. And now we can be safe and adorable in that way couples are that might be just a bit too cutesy.

If you went shopping this weekend and have some spaghetti, Tuesday is the day to have a social distance lunch with your pets for a good cause. Homeward Animals Shelter’s Spay-ghetti and No Balls lunch is going online this year for social distancing.

Normally they have a big fun event to raise funds for their spay and neuter program every year.

But with coronavirus this year, Homeward wants you to share your pics of pets eating noodles on the Spay-ghetti and No Balls Facebook event page.

A lot of pets are getting a taste for Italian food while social distancing already on Facebook. And there are no meatballs in sight.

You can also support Homeward’s spay and neuter program today.

Click here if you want to donate.

I’m sure our friend Heather Klefstad over at Homeword would be thrilled for the support, along with her social distance spaghetti partners.

Heather 2

Instead of the lady and the tramp it’s the lady and the cat.

We love fun with pets. Send us your fun pet pics and videos during social distancing.

We love sharing the ways you’re making life more fun during this pandemic. And we need some fun right now. Find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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