Breckenridge sisters make face masks to support Sanford Health Employee Crisis Fund

Piper, Ava and Finley Jaehning say they have already made about 400 face masks

BRECKENRIDGE, Minn. — While many people are using this time of social distancing to relax, Piper, Ava and Finley Jaehning have been hard at work.

The three sisters have found a way to do their part in helping others through the pandemic by breaking out the sewing kit and putting their skills to good use by making face masks.

“My mom’s friend recommended the idea and I did some research,” said Piper Jaehning. “I found out that I could do it because I got this sewing machine last year.”

The process is a team effort, with all three girls pitching in.

“Me and Ava sew,” said Piper Jaehning.

“And I clean up,” added Finley Jaehning.

Their masks aren’t just keeping people safe, they are also being used to help some of the workers on the frontline.

Each mask is being sold for $6.00 and part of the profits are being donated to Sanford Health’s Employee Crisis Fund, which aims to support Sanford staff struggling to meet basic needs due to extraordinary circumstances.

The girls were well informed on how important the fund is, especially during this time, because their mother, Brittany, is a Sanford Health employee in Wahpeton.

“It is essentially as simple as it sounds,” explained Brittany Jaehning. “Whatever the employee is facing, they can apply for these funds, so it doesn’t have to be related to the coronavirus, it can be any crisis that they are experiencing.”

Together, the Jaehning’s have made about 400 masks to support the fund.

The girls say they are able to make about six masks an hour and that they try to make between 10 and 20 a day, making the project a win-win as they are able to keep busy and support those in need.

To purchase a mask from the Jaehning’s, you can reach out to the family on Facebook.

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