Long-Term Care Visitation Still Not Recommended, Rules Out For Movie Theaters

North Dakota Smart Restart
Nd Smart Restart

BISMARCK, N.D. — Gov. Doug Burgum and other state leaders continue to work to protect the vulnerable population from COVID-19.

Of the 218 long term care facilities in North Dakota, 27 have positive cases.

Villa Maria in Fargo has the most with 27.

The executive director of Human Services has a message for everyone.

“Even though the governor is talking about opening up on Friday that does not change visitation policies in any way shape or form,” said Chris Jones.

“And I would encourage everybody who has a loved one in a congregate housing setting to limit visitation even if they can go in please limit your visitation.”

The governor also announcing that sports arenas and music venues will remain closed.

He is issuing a new Executive Order for reopening businesses.

Violations of the order will be considered an infraction subject to a $1,000 fine.

The state is working on guidance for schools and a plan could be announced as early as Friday.

Movie theaters across North Dakota will be able to reopen on Friday but there is no word yet on any in Fargo reopening.

Theaters will be limited to 20 percent of normal capacity for each auditorium.

They will stagger start times to limit congestion.

They will also implement new safety guidelines for food service.

Gov. Burgum said the best time to go would probably be Friday night since the theaters sat empty and clean for weeks.

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