Red River Zoo Implements New Social Distancing Guides

The zoo opens Saturday, May 2nd.

FARGO, N.D. – The Red River Zoo showed us some of the safety improvements they’ve been making to prepare for their reopening this Saturday.

The zoo says that the entire zoo will be covered with red paw prints spaced out exactly 6 feet apart to help maintain social distancing rules.

They will also display banners to remind people to maintain that distance.

The zoos overall capacity will also be limited during this time, and all foot traffic will be one way to prevent people from ever coming in contact with one another.

“Being outside is such a relief for people, and if we can provide relief in a safe manner for our community, that’s what we are here for,” said the zoo’s Executive Director, Sally Jacobson.

The zoo says that there is no concern that any of the animals contracting the virus as the animals that are susceptible to the virus will be kept away from the public.

The Red River Zoo reopens Saturday.

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