Social Distancing: Popping Wheelies In Your Stroller

Plus We Check In On The All Hockey Hair Team As They Let Their Lettuce Flow Without Barbers


I miss sports. Thankfully one of the biggest high school tournaments in the region wrapped up in early March before everything shut down, the Minnesota State High School League hockey tournament.
And maybe the best part of the tournament is all that flowing hockey hair.
Game On! Minnesota immortalizes the flow every year with the All Hockey Hair Team.
And this morning, they’ve graced us with another hockey hair video, checking in on all that lettuce now that none of the boys can get it cut.

The new video is called FLOWVID 19—State of the Salad & Quarantine Tips.
Now we get to catch up on all that illustrious hockey hair and find out what happens when barber shops shut down.
Basically, it just keeps flowing.
It’s an inspiration for me as I look in the mirror every morning.
They also shared their quarantine tips, which basically amounts to playing Call of Duty and Fortnite.
Not a bad way to pass the time. Hopefully the hair doesn’t get in their face and mess with their vision while they’re playing.

You might be hard-pressed to find an ice hockey rink right about now, but you can still get out and active while you’re social distancing, and even get your little kids in on some of the action.
Ben, a West Fargo firefighter, sent a video along. He’s not afraid to charge headfirst into a situation, and he’s imparting that lesson on his son, popping wheelies with him in his stroller at the skate park at Rendevous Park in West Fargo.
See, you can be safe, social distance and be a bit of a daredevil at the same time.

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