ND nonprofits advocate for relief for renters during COVID-19 pandemic

The nonprofits are urging Governor Doug Burgum to cancel late fees and credit issues accrued during the pandemic for those involuntarily out of work who are struggling to afford rent

FARGO, N.D. —  North Dakota nonprofits are asking Governor Doug Burgum to help protect renters who are involuntarily out of work during COVID-19.

Because the governor has not issued a temporary eviction moratorium, stable housing advocates are asking him to reach a middle ground that would at least cancel late fees and credit issues that have accrued during the COVID-19 crisis.

Governor Burgum’s solution for those who are struggling to afford rent is to work with a landlord and wait for a stimulus check, but advocates say that advice does not work for everyone.

“While we see a few problems with this solution, one jumps out at us the most,” said ACLU of North Dakota’s Dane DeKrey. “That is the possibility of people being charged late fees and getting hit with credit dings while they are waiting. We don’t think people should be penalized for doing what governor Burgum has told them to do.”

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