Gov. Burgum talks with President Trump about ND’s coronavirus response

WASHINGTON – Gov. Doug Burgum, Sen. John Hoeven and Commerce Commissioner Michelle Kommer discuss North Dakota’s coronavirus response and reopening businesses with President Trump at The White House.

Burgum thanked the president for the federal government working with North Dakota to approve the state’s disaster declaration and sending 1.5 million masks and 42 million gloves.

He proudly talked about the state having the country’s second highest per capita testing rate at 63 per one thousand people.

The governor credits North Dakotans using personal responsibility and practicing social distancing to slow the spread.

“Geography helps and the people of the state help, those two things. But I’d say we took early action to reduce transmissible moments, so we kept 93% of the jobs in the state open, but the 7% we closed were bars and restaurants and personal care businesses,” Burgum explained.

The president says the FCS Champion Bison will get a rain check to visit The White House since it was canceled because of the pandemic.

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