Red River Zoo Announces Birth of 5 Pallas’ Cat Kittens

The kittens were born on April 17.

FARGO, N.D.–The Red River Zoo announces the birth of five Pallas’ Cat kittens, the fourth litter born at the Zoo.

The kittens were born on April 17 to two of the Zoo’s cats, Eva and Yeshi.

The Red River Zoo is home to four adult Pallas’ Cats, Subitai and Yeshi, both males, and Eva and Elvira, both females. This is the first litter born to Eva and Yeshi.

The Red River Zoo says, ‘The kittens were born during the COVID-19 crisis. Red River Zoo staff have been working around the clock to ensure the health and well being of all of our animals.”

The Zoo says the kittens have just opened their eyes and will be exploring their exhibit in the coming weeks.

Pallas’ Cats are considered “Near Threatened” in the wild. The Red River Zoo participates in the Pallas’ Cat Species Survival Plan to maintain a healthy population.

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